• Oliver Harrison

International Student Vlogs - Ellie's Story

We're asking international students to share their experience of life in the UK during lockdown and how they're looking after their wellbeing. This is Ellie's story.

It's Ellie's first time in the UK, travelling nearly 5,000 miles from China to start her Masters degree during a global pandemic. She knew it was going to be a difficult experience, but in the video shares why she chose to make the trip, how she coped with quarantine, online tuition and the difficulties of making friends in a foreign country that's experiencing its third lockdown.

Ellie's experience is one that's similar to thousands of international students in the UK who are being disproportionally affected by the impact of the pandemic.

The International Student Mental Health Project aims to understand the experience of international students and will create a digital platform to help universities throughout the UK better support their students. Get in touch to find out more.

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